The food industry is facing a decade of seismic disruption.

We want to use the latest technologies and minimize the food waste and food supply chain gas emissions, taking back this cost, giving back this loss to the society and to all food actors involved.

Mission of AKRIPT
  • Create Synergies and Economies of Scale for all Food System Actors
  • Improve food system actors’ inventory management with advanced analytics
  • To empower the primary producer by increasing transparency
  • Improve retailers’ order quantity optimization
  • Equip food system actors with modern technology
  • To increase choice and value for the customer
We produce more
than we need.


The current food supply chain model, creates food waste at every stage of its process. Each year, 1.6 billion tons of food worth about $1.2 trillion are lost or go to waste—one-third of the total amount of food produced globally. Projections show that by 2030 annual food loss and waste will hit 2.1 billion tons worth $1.5 trillion. In addition to this, it is estimated that global emissions are circa 34 billion of tons worth $1.7 trillion and the food supply chain accounts for 18% of the global greenhouse gas emissions. It is estimated that the food waste and gas emissions produced in the distribution stage, only, are worth more than $858 billion, annually.

This massive misuse of resources which is emerging as a critical global issue, is mainly caused because the food supply chain participants do not have an accurate model of the demand forecasting, plus, they use a long supply chain model.

The challenges of the existing supply chain business model.

Supermarket Competition Green Packaging Competition: Price, Quality, Shelf Space Technological Changes
Downward pricing pressures Wholesale bypass Health consciousness Competition on the quality of products, range of products offered
Competitive forces E-commerce Change in consumer behaviour Health consciousness Technological Disruption Confidence Shaken
Provenance Health consciousness Economic Uncertainty Environmental awareness Price sensitive Product Quality

Our intention is to provide the intelligence and information needed, to all food supply chain actors (suppliers, wholesalers, retailers) to help them take wise decisions and to minimize their food waste and associated gas emissions. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, our team is developing a sophisticated demand planning, a forecasting engine, which captures different demand drivers, enabling an organization to dramatically forecast error, improve performance and manage inventory control.

AKRIPT's Strategy

We believe in making the entire Food & Beverage market more fluid through the exchange of data and automation of purchase and sales processes.

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